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Tampa Homicide Defense Lawyer

If you have been accused of murder, attempted murder, homicides, or manslaughter, do not make a statement to investigators or the police without proper representation. You have rights and the only way to ensure that they are preserved is to put an experienced criminal defense lawyer on your side. I am an experienced homicide defense lawyer in Tampa and I can provide the defense you need.

Depending on the circumstances of the situation, murder charges can carry severe penalties in the state of Florida. The term “murder” describes a variety of unlawful acts and it is important for your rights to be preserved in any case. If you or someone you love has been accused of any of the crimes associated with murder, you need someone on your side who knows the law. You need the expert representation of a criminal defense attorney like me. I am a board certified in criminal trial law and I know what it takes to preserve your rights if you have been accused of a crime.

If you are facing murder charges, you probably have many thoughts racing through your head, as well as many questions. I can provide you with the most honest legal advice and I will put your best interests first. The sooner you contact me, the sooner I can work with you to protect your future.

Depending on the evidence against you, there are many possible defenses in murder cases including:

  • Self Defense

    If you were defending your life against a threat from an attacked, you may not be found guilty.

  • You Didn't Do It


 The prosecutor must be able to provide a reasonable doubt that you committed the murder. If the only evidence provided is one eye witness, that evidence may be challenged.


  • Insanity Defense


You may not be legally insane, but your state of mind at the time of the murder may allow your attorney to negotiate reduced charges.


  • Accident Defense


The killing may be excused if it was caused by an accident without the intent to kill, such as an accidental fire.


Your accusers, the police, and other investigators do not have your best interests at heart. The only way to preserve your rights, and possibly avoid lengthy prison sentences, is to contact an experienced criminal defense attorney. Contact me today and let me fight for you in court.