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DUI Lawyer in Tampa

If you're looking for a Tampa DUI lawyer, Caimano Law Firm, P.A. is the smart choice for skilled and knowledgeable help.

When you need a Tampa DUI lawyer, you don't want to settle for just anyone. You need the services of an attorney who has experience and expertise in this area of the law. That's what you'll find at Caimano Law Firm, P.A. We'll be your strong and experienced advocates.

A DUI charge can mean different things. It isn't just about drunk driving; it can also mean driving under the influence of illegal drugs, prescribed medication, or over-the-counter medication. If you take a substance that can impair your driving, you can be charged with driving under the influence.

When you come to Caimano Law Firm, P.A., we'll go over your case carefully during your free initial consultation. We'll let you know what you can expect and what we believe would be the best strategy for your defense. If you hire us, we'll make sure we get all the necessary information about your arrest and your booking, and we'll interview any witnesses if necessary. Our goal will be to help you keep your license and your freedom, and we'll do what we need to do toward that goal.

If you're looking for a Tampa DUI lawyer, the right choice is Caimano Law Firm, P.A. We offer appointment flexibility for your convenience, including evening hours. Our 11 years of negotiation and trial experience means that you'll get top-notch representation, and we keep our fees competitive. Call our office today and put us in your corner!

A DUI charge is able to come from many things such as driving while under the influence of illegal drugs, alcohol, non-prescribed or prescribed medicine, or any combination of the three.

DUI covers a variety of situations and is proven with a field sobriety test or a breathalyzer test that results in .08 alcohol content or higher. This includes instances of both alcohol and illegal substances. I can fight to get the charge dismissed or the sentence reduced.

You should be warned. You do not need to be in the act of driving the vehicle to receive a DUI. Also, the car does not even have to be on. All it requires is that you are in the driver's seat while under the influence.

The worst part about a DUI is that with each charge, the severity grows. While the first charge may only result in a misdemeanor, by the third charge you could be looking at a felony.

DUI is taken very seriously and has very restrictive consequences that come with it. With each charge, you could experience a growth in the impact of the sentence for several things, including period of time that your license is suspended, community service, rehabilitation, probation time, fines and penalties, court costs, losing your vehicle, and jail time.

If you are pulled over and the officer suspects intoxication, you may be asked to cooperate with the standard field sobriety tests. These are usually cognitive tests to determine your level of intoxication and include:

  • The one leg stand
  • Walk-and-turn
  • Horizontal gaze nystagmus test

Other tests may include:

  • Standing with feet together and tipping your head backwards
  • Backwards counting
  • Reciting of the alphabet
  • Counting fingers the official raises

A man with a police officer in Tampa, FL taking a sobriety test.

Even if you may be pulled over for something such as an illegal lane change, remember that you may end up instead with a DUI. The officer may pull you over for speeding or driving slowly, weaving or even because one of your tail lights may be out of service. It is the officer's legal right to ask you to cooperate and you may be arrested if you refuse to do so. Remember, your license may be suspended if you refuse to cooperate with the officer, even if you not intoxicated.

In addition, the sentence can increase dramatically based on the situation. For example, if you have a child with you or if your alcohol blood content is significantly over the legal limit, you could be looking at a much harsher sentence.

Some of the penalties you may face include:

  • Administrative License Suspension/Revocation Penalties
    Penalties are minimum mandatory penalties on drivers with a blood-alcohol level above .08 percent or drivers decline to submit to a breath, blood, or urine testing for blood-alcohol level. In Florida, the earlier DUI includes a suspension of ninety (90) days; for the second offense, one (1) year, and for the third offense three (3) years.
  • Vehicle Confiscation
    In some states, this is a prospect and it may either be forever or temporary.
  • Mandatory Alcohol Education and Assessment/Treatment
    This is an alcohol teaching and prevention program to teach about the treatment for alcohol abuse and evaluation of persons for possible alcohol or drug dependence. This option is usually recommended to those who do not wish to serve a sentence or those who do not wish to pay fines.

Immediate action is essential in order to build a successful defense or at least result in a greatly reduced sentence. After you have been arrested for a DUI, you have only ten days to request a hearing or your driver's license will be revoked. At that point you can only reverse this with a revocation hearing. With all the driving that is required in these times, it is vital that you do everything possible to not lose your license.

Your livelihood is at stake anytime you receive a DUI. This is an offense that requires swift action and a strong defense. With me on your side, your chances for a dismissal or reduced charge or sentence are greatly increased.