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Criminal Defense and Civil Rights Attorney | Joe Caimano, Esq.

My office represents people from all walks of life that are under investigation for, or accused of, violations of Federal and State statutes.

My office has a long standing record of litigating all aspects of a criminal case, and I have done many jury trials in State and Federal Court.  In addition, I have written and argued several appeals to District Courts of Appeal throughout the State.

Currently, I am accepting cases where the client is looking for a lawyer that will fight for them.  If that is you, please do not hesitate to contact me so we can sit down and review your case.



You can see a more in depth result of the cases we handled over recent years by clicking our [case results] button above.  But here is a list of some of the serious State and Federal cases we have handled recently:

USA v. D.S. case # 8:09-CR-251-JSM-MAP

USA v. M.G. case # 8:14-CR-113-t-17EAJ

USA v. P.T. case # 8:13-CR-3-6-t-26EAJ

USA v. G.C. case #12-CR-385-JSM-MAP

USA v. D.F. case #12-CR-65-t-27-AEP

State v. Amos Busby, case # 05-CF-17181 (Hillsborough County).

Accusation: 7 counts of Sexual Battery and 1 count of Kidnapping.

State v Givante Shaw, case # 08-CF-00428 (Hillsborough County). 

Accusation: 3 counts of Attempted First Degree Murder.

State v. Carlos Catalanflores, case # 11-CF-007984 (Hillsborough County).

Accusation: Attempted Murder.

State v. Emmett Vickers, case # 14-CF-6360 (Hillsborough County).

Accusation: Attempted Murder.

State v. Michael Martin, case # 14-CF-18385 (Hillsborough County).

Accusation:  Armed Robbery.

State v. Howard Holland, case # 14-CF-987 (Hernando County).

Accustation:  Trafficking in Illegal Drugs (15 year min/man).

When I handle a case, I fully investigate all aspects of the case and employ an experienced group of private investigators to assist me.  I carry a very manageable caseload to ensure that each client is given the time and attention that I would expect if I were in his/her shoes.  I will dissect and assemble evidence to work toward building a winning defense.

I know that you have plenty of lawyers to choose from, and I welcome the opportunity to discuss the case and what your options are.  I am licensed in Florida state and federal courts, and I am confident that we'll give you the personalized attention that you need to get the best possible outcome for your case. At our firm, the client always comes first.

My Office is qualified and experienced in (but not limited to) the following:

If you have been arrested in Florida, call my office at 813-251-4440 to discuss your case in detail.